We can help you reach your business goals easier, cheaper and faster than ever!

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Optimise Your Business With Certified Analytics Consultant

We analyse your unique business conditions to develop the perfect optimisation strategy that brings you success.

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Our data driven approach helps you to identify what needs to be optimised

Some KPIs we optimised in last 6 months

Incoming Calls per Website Visit rate increase 75%
Subscription per visitor rate increase 60%
Sales per Email Campaign rate increase 48%
Google Adwords Cost per Action decrease 37%
Sales per Lead rate increase 23%
After sales revenue per customer rate increase 17%
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Make decisions based on data, not assumptions!

We only act upon analysis and analysis can be done only with accurately tracked data.
So we setup tracking mechanisms and make data talk on behalf of your business.

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We’ve added more than £40 million in revenue for our clients

We DO NOT create fancy reports & charts or impracticable actions. We take the time to understand your business and we DO create needed value.
That’s why our clients either increase their revenue & profit or save their man-hours & advertising budgets

Leads & Sales Generated
Saved Advertising Budget(£)
Saved Man-Hours

*Counter Last Update: 15 March 2015

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What would you do if you saved %10 of your working hours?

We ask real questions for real needs, that lead us to increase your revenue or serenity

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We keep asking “WHY?”

Everyday we notice a new tool, new channel, new feature… But it doesn’t always mean we must use it. So we keep asking “why?” and only use the tools appropriate to your business.

    • OK! Everyone talks about SEO, SEM, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook, why do you want to use these channels?
    • Why do you need to hire a developer for your new eCommerce startup, while there are WooCommerce, Magento, even Shopify.
    • Why do you prefer to pay for Google Analytics Premium or Adobe Site Catalyst(Omniture) while you don’t really analyze your existing data on Google Analytics?.

    And we help you to;

    Increase Your Sales & Revenue

    First we audit & optimise your sales funnel and revenue streams. Then we bring more potential customers to you. So you can grow faster or invest as you wish.

    How we do it?

    Divide & Conquer is our methodology here. After analyzing your online customer behaviour & history. We use only necessary and appropriate tools and channels;; conversion optimisation, SEO, SEM, PPC, online research, Email Marketing, affiliate marketing and more

    Save Your Time & Budget

    We save your time and marketing budget with state-of-the-art marketing automation solutions. So you can spare your time for yourself or more efficient works

    Marketing Automation?

    We build business intelligence logics and algorithms to build your unique marketing automation system upon your business needs.

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Marketing Strategy

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Tell us your digital challenges and let us create a solution!

We have a well-structured approach that creates innovative solutions for business.

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